See Funny reactions to bet9ja shut down

Nigerians always have epic remarks to any issue especially an interesting one like shutting down “Bet9ja!”. What?! The types of comment you will find on Twitter can be summarised into these.

The opportunist

Bet9ja is about to go down and some people are bothered about how to bring up their own bet company to replace that. So these ones will do everything possible to support the government in their pursuit. Complete Opporturnist!

The crazy ones

These ones are on the verge of losing their money because of the shut down and they go; ” When the lawmakers themselves don’t want to be impeached, they won’t try any nonsense”. Guy, calm down, it’s just money

slaps me

Business minders

These ones are reading the news and noting down all what is happening but they won’t comment because they don’t care. Their money is not under voicemail, so who cares!

The extremely dramatic ones

These ones are extra in almost everything so it becomes hard not to react to such news. They will start by calling everyone that has put money to announce the bad news but the irony is, the didnt put money themselves.

Oh yes! They are fighting for friends and family.

The focused ones

These ones don’t like news like this because they believe Nigeria should be talking about other pressing issues like; Education, Power ,agriculture but not betting or anything similar! They are Nigeria-focused!

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